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About Us

Tijuanasindolor is a Highly Specialized Center in Pain Management and Palliative Care. We also focus on male health and well-being and provides specialized in Hormone Replacement Bioidentical Therapy.


Providing quality of life to all people who have chronic pain, not only reduce pain, but also is designed to prolong their active life, improving their physical and mental capacity, improve their internal balance, delay the signs of aging and avoid the diseases associated with it.


Improve the quality of life, productivity, improvement of function, not only to reduce chronic pain, but also to improve the well-being of the benefits that anti-aging therapy can give.


Tijuana Sin Dolor has as main objective the alleviation of pain and suffering through the application of the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for all people on both sides of the border.

We seek excellence in everything we do with evidence-based medicine logistics. We work for the relief of pain and to prolong the active life improving the physical and mental capacity and delay the signs of aging and avoid the diseases associated with them.

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